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Body Work / Spray Painting

Our Services | Body Work | Spray Painting

First let us define the difference between body and paint work, where one stops and the other begins. Body work ends at the point where you pick up your sander or sandpaper to begin feathering the paint for primer. In other words, you've removed the dents, filled the surface irregularities with bondo or whatever and are just about ready to apply primer but must remove the scratches first and also make the step from the metal to the surface of the old paint a smooth transition (feathering), this is where the body work stops and the paint work begins.

At Kian Teong Auto, we can:

  1. Spray paint to your requirement almost any part.
  2. Damage to plastic bumpers and body parts can be repaired and painted to match original finish for most vehicles.
  3. Carry out most accident and insurance repairs to cars, 4x4 and light commercial vehicles.

Automatic Radiator Flush

Our Services | Automatic Radiator Flush

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement of the anti-freeze at scheduled intervals. Unlike many service shops that just perform a "drain-and-fill", Kian Teong Auto Care provides a complete radiator flushing service that includes the following:

  1. inspect system and pressure test for leaks
  2. add flush chemicals to the radiator
  3. power flush system through flush machine
  4. refill system with proper amount of recycled anti-freeze
  5. add sealant / lubricant to the system

Brake Disc & Brake Drum Machiery

Our Services | Brake Disc & Brake Drum Machiery

Drum brakes allow simple incorporation of a parking brake. They are often applied to the rear wheels since most of the stopping happens in the front of the vehicle and therefore the heat generated in the rear is significantly less. Drum brakes are also occasionally fitted as the parking (and emergency) brake even when the rear wheels use disk brakes as the main brakes.

The disc brake is a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a wheel. A brake disc (or rotor in U.S. English), usually made of cast iron or ceramic, is connected to the wheel or the axle. To stop the wheel, friction material in the form of brake pads (mounted in a device called a brake caliper) is forced mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electromagnetically against both sides of the disc. Friction causes the disc and attached wheel to slow or stop.

Kian Teong covers the competence required to recondition brake drums and brake disc rotors by machining.