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What our customers say

If you run budget performance cars like I do then, a very good mechanic who loves cars and knows his stuff is essential for your well-being and peace of mind.

Since 2005 I have serviced my R53 Cooper S and now my R26 Megane Sports with Mike of Kian Teong Auto.

I have always experienced a noticeable improvement in the performance of both cars after servicing. The bills are reasonable and after analyzing the problem the team fixes what can be fixed and replaces only what is necessary for durable results with original parts. This is always done on time in the short notice given when repairs are needed. I don't have to wait long to get attention for my car. After Kian Teong fixes your car, you don't have to keep going back before the next servicing.

Mike and his team are knowledgeable and effective problem solvers. Before you collect the car, Mike does two things

  1. He drives it with you and takes you through what he has fixed and changed
  2. He checks that everything is in order before handing it over to you. If he is not happy with what has been done then he will re-check the work before handing the car over to you

The car is washed before you get it back. Steering wheel and seats are protected from stains with polythene sheets during servicing

Most importantly the team at Kian Teong is professional, hardworking, polite, honest and customer oriented.

I would consult Kian Teong before I buy another car and have no hesitation in recommending the company because of their effective service over the years. I am a happy customer

Joseph LIM (Dr),
Associate Professor

I am personally very impressed by the reliable and efficient service provided by Kian Tiong Auto. The owner, Mike, is an honest, sincere and knowledgeable man who is highly competent in Continental and Japanese cars. His charges are resaonable and he will even advise against unnecessary spending. People with such passion and ethic almost does not exist in this trade! I always have the peace of mind when I send in my car for servicing. Highly recommend car owners who wish to have their cars serviced to try out Kian Tiong Auto.
Thank you Mike and his team.